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MIPS32 microAptiv Cores

New Release of MIPS Open™ Components Includes
Verilog RTL Code for MIPS32 microAptiv Cores

MIPS Open™ Benefits

MIPS Open is the world’s first commercial-ready, silicon proven, feature-rich architecture available for open use.

Unified Approach

MIPS Open offers a unified approach for maintaining compatibility with its exhaustive, widely used, feature-rich architecture.

Proven Architecture

MIPS architecture-based designs are shipping in billions of devices including wired modems, wireless modems – LTE/5G/Wi-Fi, IoT, automotive – ADAS, data centers, AI and others.

Established Ecosystem

MIPS ecosystem is well-established with tools, software, applications, boards that are supported and used by customers/partners today.

Matured Technology

MIPS Open is bringing 30+ years of legacy of MIPS architecture to the community to build the next trillion devices/applications.

MIPS Open™ Features

MIPS Open provides a comprehensive open use package and tools to enable fast time to market for certified cores.

Open Use License

MIPS Open use license includes the latest MIPS R6 architecture documents, microAptiv cores, tools and microAptiv softcore targeted for FPGA.


MIPS Open will provide access to certification services to core developers to verify and certify the cores developed using MIPS R6 ISA. More details soon.

Patent License

MIPS gives you a right and license under our R6 architecture patents to design, build and sell cores and use of the “MIPS Certified” trademark logo for certified cores.

Comprehensive Package

MIPS Open provides a complete package of instruction set, cores, tools for the community to accelerate innovation at the edge.

MIPS Open™ Components

MIPS Open Components includes the latest MIPS R6 ISA, low power, low footprint microAptiv cores, microAptiv soft core targeted for FPGA and tools for software development.

Embedded Applications

MIPS Open Architecture

MIPS Open robust instruction set includes: R6 32-bit, 64-bit, DSP, Virtualization, Multi-threading, SIMD architecture extensions and more.

Wireless Communications

MIPS Open Cores

MIPS Open microAptiv microprocessor(uP) or microcontroller(uC) are high-performance, compact processors that features advanced DSP capabilities.



MIPS Open FPGA is a MIPS microAptiv soft core targeted to a field programmable gate array (FPGA). The package also includes hands-on labs and tutorial to build system-on-chip

HPC Applications

MIPS Open Tools

MIPS Open Tools includes IDE, that provides an extensible framework for third party tools for the MIPS software developer to compile, build, debug, and deploy applications on MIPS Open based hardware and software platforms.

MIPS Open™ Resources

MIPS Open provides innumerable resources for each and everyone – company, professional, student, university or an individual.

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