Download Description:

Download Description:

  • Verilog RTL source code for MIPS32 microAptiv UC Core
  • Configuration GUI tools with support for CorExtend UDI
  • Verification Test Suite and Verification Test Bench
  • Synthesis Support - Reference flow scripts for Synopsys tools
  • Simulation Models - Cycle-exact simulation model (VMC)
  • DFT Support – Tools - Mentor FastScan scripts, Synopsys – DFT Compiler and TetraMAX scripts
  • Timing Analysis - Reference STA scripts for Synopsys PrimeTime tools
  • Power Analysis - Synopsys PrimeTime-PX scripts
  • Documentation – Core datasheet, implementor’s guide, CorExtend UDI examples and other application notes
  • Certification Process

3 easy steps to certify MIPS Open™ Cores–

MIPS Open Core package includes Verification Test Suite (VTS) and Verification Test Bench.

  1. Using these verification materials, (a) verify your MIPS Open Independent Core Implementation (as a Final Netlist) on each manufacturing process you will use for manufacture, and (b) generate VTS Log Results and Netlist Verification Environment.  (The verification materials include instructions how you do this.)
  2. Deliver a copy of the VTS Log Results and Netlist Verification Environment to MIPS Open.
  3. MIPS Open will review and notify you in writing whether the MIPS Open Independent Core Implementation has passed the compatibility verification process, or failed (together with details of the failure).

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