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MIPS Open Getting Started Package

We are pleased to release MIPS Open Getting Started Guide 1.0. Please note that the last release was designated MIPSfpga Getting Started v2.0. This was able only for academic purposes, now we are pleased to announce that this is available to everyone for evaluation and training purposes

MIPS Open FPGA includes following:

  1. A UART interface for downloading programs to MIPS Open FPGA (see Section 7.4.2 of the Getting Started Guide)
  2. Updated, smaller boot code (see Section 7.1 of the Getting Started Guide)
  3. Ability to use printf via MIPS Open FPGA fast debug channel (FDC) (see Section 7.2.3 of the Getting Started Guide)
  4. Expanded labs (see the MIPS Open FPGA Labs package)
  5. Installation instructions for both Windows (see main instructions) and Linux-based systems (see Appendix F of the Getting Started Guide)
  6. Both Verilog and VHDL versions of system-level modules

Important: MIPS Open FPGA works with Codescape 2016.05-03 or later and OpenOCD 0.10.0. If you have previous versions of Codescape or OpenOCD installed on your machine, you must uninstall your existing version of Codescape and OpenOCD and then reinstall them using the OpenOCD-0.10.0-img-Installer.exe installer (see Appendix D of the MIPS Open FPGA Getting Started Guide).

When installing tools, be sure to disable anti-virus software.

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