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Download Description:

A Complete, Fully Functional, Configurable MIPS Simulator

Author: Imperas Software, Ltd., using OVP Open Standard APIs
Date : 23 May 2019
Version: 20190523.0
License: Model source available from Imperas or WaveComputing
License: Simulator MIPSOpenOVPsim licensed under Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) Fixed Platform Kits license
MIPS Specifications & models currently supported:
- See MIPS Open

About MIPSOpenOVPsim
The **MIPSOpenOVPsim** simulator implements the full and complete functionality of the MIPS Open public specifications.

The simulator is command line configurable to enable/disable all current optional and processor specific options.

The simulator is developed, licensed and maintained by [Imperas Software]( and it is fully compliant to the OVP open standard APIs.

As a member of the MIPS Open community of software and hardware innovators collaboratively driving MIPS Open adoption, Imperas has developed the MIPSOpenOVPsim simulator to assist MIPS Open adopters to develop software and become compliant to the MIPS Open specifications.

MIPSOpenOVPsim includes an industrial quality model and simulator of MIPS Open processors for use for compliance and test development. It has been developed for personal, academic, or commercial use. The simulator is provided under the under Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) Fixed Platform Kits license that enables download and usage. MIPSOpenOVPsim and Imperas MIPS model support is actively maintained and enhanced. To ensure you make use of the current version of MIPSOpenOVPsim this release will expire. Please download the latest version.

Runtime configurable settings for all MIPS Open specification options makes it very easy to compare run time results with any RTL implementations.

Full commercial features including variant selection, comprehensive trace, GDB/Eclipse graphical source code debug, semihosting, and trace generation facilities for compliance testing.


The MIPSOpenOVPsim zip file contains a user guide that explains how to use the MIPS Open OVP Model Simulator from the command line. Here are some quick instructions to help you get started using MIPSOpenOVPsim from inside of the MIPS Open IDE.

Start by unpacking the mipsOpenOVPsim zip file to a destination of your choice.

Next, find the following sub-directories where you just unpacked: Linux64 and Windows64.

Add whichever directory is appropriate for your operating system to your $PATH. For example, assuming a bash shell on Linux, you would use the following command:

$ export PATH=/<where you unpacked>/mipsOpenOVPsim/bin/Linux64:$PATH

Now start the MIPS Open IDE. To debug a program with MIPSOpenOVPsim:

Left-click in the Project Explorer to select the project containing the executable.


From the Run menu, choose Debug As -> Launch MIPS OVPsim application

You can now debug your program using MIPSOpenOVPsim as the target:

The output from the simulator appears in the Console View. This includes the output from printf.

You can learn about the simulator flags by using the command line help option:

$ mipsOpenOVPsim.exe --help

(Please use -helpall for a complete list of flags)

To use these flags, add them to the Arguments tab in the Run Configuration:


After modifying the Run Configuration, click the Apply button. You still need to use the Debug menu as described above to start the debug session.

The flags added to the Run Configuration above show how to enable trace, select the MIPS trace style, specify one core, and one VP. The trace output will also appear in the Console View:


Imperas mipsOpenOVPsim

CpuManagerFixedPlatform (64-Bit) v20190523.0 Open Virtual Platform simulator from

Copyright (c) 2005-2019 Imperas Software Ltd. Contains Imperas Proprietary Information.

Licensed Software, All Rights Reserved.

Visit for multicore debug, verification and analysis solutions.

CpuManagerFixedPlatform started: Wed Jun 12 13:36:45 2019

Info (GDBT_PORT) Host: XXXX, Port: 1240

Info (GDBT_WAIT) Waiting for remote debugger to connect...

Info (OR_OF) Target 'mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu' has object file read from 'C:\workspace\mips64r6-elf\Debug\mips64r6-elf.elf'

Info (OR_PH) Program Headers:

Info (OR_PH) Type Offset VirtAddr PhysAddr

Info (OR_PH) FileSiz MemSiz Flags Align

Info (OR_PD) PROC 0x000000000001cbd8 0xffffffff8020cbd8 0xffffffff8020cbd8

Info (OR_PD) 0x0000000000000018 0x0000000000000018 R-- 8

Info (OR_PD) LOAD 0x0000000000010000 0xffffffff80200000 0xffffffff80200000

Info (OR_PD) 0x000000000000ed90 0x000000000000ee88 RWE 10000

Info (GDBT_CONNECTED) Client connected

mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0 : Root(Kern1 kx0) - ffffffff80200444 00200444 2: 3c0c0000 LUI $12, 0x0

mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0 : Root(Kern1 kx0) - ffffffff80200448 00200448 2: 3c018021 LUI $1, 0x8021

mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0 : Root(Kern1 kx0) - ffffffff8020044c 0020044c 2: 658c0000 DADDIU $12, $12, 0

mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0 : Root(Kern1 kx0) - ffffffff80200450 00200450 2: 6421dba0 DADDIU $1, $1, -9312

mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0 : Root(Kern1 kx0) - ffffffff80200454 00200454 2: 000c603c DSLL32 $12, $12, 0x0

mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0 : Root(Kern1 kx0) - ffffffff80200458 00200458 2: 0181602d DADDU $12, $12, $1

mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0 : Root(Kern0 kx1) - ffffffff80204e68 00204e68 2: 67bd0010 DADDIU $29, $29, 16

mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0 : Root(Kern0 kx1) - ffffffff80200bdc 00200bdc 2: 02002025 MOVE $4, $16

mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0 : Root(Kern0 kx1) - ffffffff80200be0 00200be0 2: ebfffee7 BALC 0x80200780

mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0 : Root(Kern0 kx1) - ffffffff80200780 00200780 2: 3c0c0000 LUI $12, 0x0

Info (GDBT_GON) Client disappeared 'mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu'


Info ---------------------------------------------------

Info CPU 'mipsOpenOVPsim/cpu_CPU0_VP0' STATISTICS

Info Type : mips64 (MIPS64R6)

Info Nominal MIPS : 100

Info Final program counter : 0xffffffff80200be4

Info Simulated instructions: 3,632

Info Simulated MIPS : run too short for meaningful result

Info ---------------------------------------------------


Info ---------------------------------------------------


Info Simulated time : 0.00 seconds

Info User time : 0.06 seconds

Info System time : 0.00 seconds

Info Elapsed time : 34.54 seconds

Info ---------------------------------------------------


CpuManagerFixedPlatform finished: Wed Jun 12 13:37:20 2019


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