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first and foremost I’m writing this not to insult anyone but because I hope this could do MUCH better.
Back in September I started to write a small mips32 emulator as a side project. Back then I picked the architecture because it seemed relatively easy to grasp, I still had a basic understanding from my old assembler classes and I read it should be open sourced – so I gave it a go.
It threw me back a little that someone had to approve of my download request, as I thought open source would mean open to the public and not the subset of public we like, but hey I didn’t mind and fill out my application.
After not hearing anything about this I wrote an email about it to info@mipsopen.com on October 2nd, to which I still haven’t received a reply until now.
Looking through this forum I feel like I wasn’t the only one who got this treatment, so I figured I’ll just wait a bit and things might settle, however coming back to it now I believe it took a turn for the worse; no matter where I log in, I will always get redirected to https://www.mipsopen.com/resources/download/. As far as I can remember this site used to look more or less complete with different links for different things, however now there’s one textual link to the GNU toolchain – cool, but not the specification I was hoping for. Too bad now that the thing I was after, the architecture documentation, as promised on https://www.mipsopen.com/mips-open-components/mips32-architecture/, redirects to something completely else!

So to sum it up, back when there was the method of applying I never heard anything back from it, and now even this is gone. This is not what I would consider “open”, but feel free to prove me wrong


Agreed, this initiative does look like it’s not being taken seriously at all.
I’ve experienced the broken links and general feel that open-sourcing the ISA was a rushed decision that MIPS now regret and are hoping to let it die.
It’s a shame because I really liked the processor when I used it in a previous job and now I’m in a position to adopt it in a new design, I find I can’t.

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