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Could someone tell me if there’s a way of building and debugging kernel level (embedded) application in this IDE? Currently it runs/debugs a user space program by connecting to a QEMU emulator via GDB server.



Hi Clint,

When you create a C project in the MIPS Open IDE, you have a choice of project type. To create an standalone/embedded/bare-iron program, choose the “MIPS Standalone Embedded Project” type. Also, select the mips-mti-elf toolchain if more than one choice is presented. Here is a picture to show what I mean:

This will create a program that is NOT a Linux application. When you debug it using the MIPS Open IDE, it still runs on QEMU, but there is no Linux running on the QEMU, just the bare-iron program.




Thanks Kurt, that worked. Although I couldn’t really see a “Hello World!” string anywhere but I’m not too worried about that.

As you might already know, we(Imagination) have been using Codescape as our de-facto IDE for MIPS for a long time. But it seems to have become a dead corpse nowadays (unless you’ve been secrectly working on it?). So we are looking for an alternative.

And so I’m trying to gauge some information to figure out the feasibility of working with MIPS-Open.
1. What simulator/emulator are you using. Do you use a complete independent QEMU implementation or are you using the IASim behind the scene?
2. How open are you planning to be? To be frank I can’t really see any openess currently (had to request permission to download the binaries). We have lots of peripherals that we will need to integrate into the new core, so we need the source code (ideally, unless I’m fooled by your name. 🙂 ).
3. Why are you not using Codescape? As far as I know, it works and works better than the current IDE (No offence, but it was worked on for 20 years. And more importantly, we are used to it).


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