MIPS Open Components

MIPS OpenTM Architecture
MIPS Open™ Architecture

MIPS Open Architecture includes the latest R6 version of 32-bit/64-bit ISA and extensions such as Virtualization, Multi-threading, SIMD, DSP and microMIPS architectures; including all architectural specifications

MIPS OpenTM Tools
MIPS Open™ Tools

MIPS Open Tools includes IDE for Embedded RTOS and Linux Embedded Edition that enables MIPS software developers to build, debug, and deploy applications on MIPS-based hardware and software platforms


MIPS Open FPGA includes non-production version of MIPS32 microAptiv™ UP Core has been well-proven in academia and now has been extended to everyone for training, academic and evaluation purposes.

MIPS Open™ Cores
MIPS Open™ Cores

MIPS Open Cores includes low power, low footprint microAptiv Microprocessor(MPU) and Microcontroller (MCU) cores targeted for embedded applications